Most frequent questions and answers

Your account will be setup immediately after payment confirmation. We will also need to verify the availability of your requested domain name.

We offer free .com.ng domain names on every yearly or biennially paid website. You can check availability here

That it is cheap doesn’t mean it should be bad. We offer 99.99% reliable uptime. We only work with the best to make sure that our client’s business stays up.

We are open to Nigeria or Nigerian owned businesses all over the world. To use cheapwebsites.com.ng, the business must be in Nigeria or owned by a Nigerian.

We accept credit/debit card payment, bank transfers and deposits. Bank transfer and deposits should be made using account opening name or email address for easy verification.

Yes you can. All cheapwebsites.com.ng accounts are entitled to a customized email address (yourname@yoursite.com.ng).

No you can’t!
Why would you even ask that.

Yes, you can build an e-commerce store using our eCommerce pack. Contact Us for more details.

Yes you can add as many pages as you want. However, note that the capacity is limited.

Oh yes!!!
Cheapwebsites are very responsive.

However you can upgrade to our eCommerce pack and get a payment gateway on your website.

  • For monthly payment – It stays for 1 week after which it will terminated.
  • For yearly & Biennially payment – It stays for 1 month after which it will be terminated.